Foosball ​​Rod Guards US PATENT 10,004,977 Table Safety

Foosball ​​Rod Guards US PATENT 10,004,977 Table Safety

Foosball ​​Rod Guards US PATENT 10,004,977 Table SafetyFoosball ​​Rod Guards US PATENT 10,004,977 Table SafetyFoosball ​​Rod Guards US PATENT 10,004,977 Table Safety



"No Assembly Required".


Q: How does Protecto Flex attach to table?​

​A: You simply remove your existing bearing nuts, and replace them with Protecto Flex. 

Q: Does Protecto Flex really make my Tornado table safer?

A: YES! As a parent you will no longer worry about your child being injured by a fast - moving rod.


Q: Are Protecto Flex rod protectors durable?​ Are they easily breakable?

​A: Protecto Flex is extremely durable. They are made of nylon and polycarbonate tubing and will with stand heavy use. 

Your standard table bearing would break first, because they​ are made out of ABS.


Q: Does Protecto Flex work on all

Tornado Tables?

A: No the system only works on Tornado tables that use split bearings.




I know we love are set, I wouldn't have the table in the house without them

Jim Stevens, ​

​Facebook: Jim Stevens


Mary Moore, IFP Promoter


Protecto Flex, By Spirit Mollice is the best device made for safety. He has designed a plastic tube that is built into the bearing nut. The rods slide into to tubing, without touching it. There is no change in the play of the table. 

It is shatter proof and very strong. 

I believe you can now purchase Protecto Flex. I think there is an ad in table talk. I saw a sample and I really liked it. I think he has come up with something that should be a standard on Tornado Tables for safety. 

Tim Larson 

With a 3 & 5 year old, I wouldn’t have my table in the house without Protecto Flex!!
100% satisfaction. Thanks Spirit!! These should be the standard for all table


Mark R

I Just put these on my table after seeing them at the Bart-O tournament. Protecto Flex...worth EVERY penny! Knowing that my kids and their friends are safe playing foosball around the table...Priceless! And, I won't have to remind everyone to be careful around the foosball table :) 


Ben Camp 

I love my Protecto-flex!

It's great to know the kids aren't going to get jabbed with a rod. Thanks Spirit,


Tommy Chapman 

I know a guy you could buy rod guards from. I love mine!  


Protecto Flex Rod Guards 

A Perfect Fit For the Safety Of Your Home

WE understand that a foosball table can be dangerous for kids and this is the ultimate solution. 

Installation is a breeze  

"Protecto Flex" 

 Making the table safer for both players and spectators. The tubing would be a protective sleeve for the free end of a foosball "rod" which, when pushed forcibly through the opposite side of the table, would protect anyone standing at or near the table This will prevent an individual standing near the table, particularly a small child, from being hit with the rod and injured, and would enhance safety around a foosball table.

Spirit ( GetSome ) Mollice

Protecto Flex  Features 

The tubing is Polycarbonate
The nuts are Nylon

The end Caps are Ribbed Nylon


Protecto Flex

Foosball Rod Guards


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